Mousse Process attach high importance to Foam quality selection.

The replaceable Foam pad quality is very important to provide the performance and the profitability of the Foam Vacuum Gripper over a long period of time.

This is the reason why Mousse Process have made foam pads their specialty.

Vacuum technique knowledge alone is not enough to provide high performance handling machines. It is equally important to use the best quality Foam pads.

Mousse Process foam pads have a crush resistance from 4KPa to 120KPa to reach 50% compression.

Very soft Foam Pads (4KPa) allow very twisted products to be handled with ease.

The adhesive used is also very important. Mousse Process use “High-Tac” adhesives, which make it easier to replace foam pads for maintenance.

The Adhesive ADHB is used for damp conditions. It is not sensitive to humidity.

Our Foam pad quality enables the customers to save money.

MaterialsEPDM foam
Reference standard ASTM D-10561A0
Cellular structureHalf open
Average density80 Kg/m3
Water absorption-30°C à 120°C
Operating Temperatue range-30°C à 120°C
Linear Shrinkage after 7 days at 70°Cunder 1%
Compression resistance at 50%3.8 KPa
Compression resistance at 25%2.9 KPa
Tensile Strenght1.0 KPa
Shore Hardness9
Petrol and Oil resistancebad