Mousse Process specializes  in designing and manufacturing Foam Faced Vacuum Grippers with valves (PMGC and PMPC). The Foam Faced Vacuum Grippers with valves are used to lift small products, in full or partial layers. They are also very effective when lifting uneven products.

Mousse Process fit simple efficient valves that close automatically when product is not under the gripper area. When the product is under the foam, the valves remain open and the air flow grips the product. When the valves are free, without product underneath, the aerodynamic force « 1/2rSV²Cx » is higher than the weight of the valves   « mg » and then the valves close.

The Foam Faced Vacuum Grippers with valves reduce the turbine power requirement   and therefore reduce electricitic consumtion.

Usually the valves work vertically assisted by gravity. Mousse Process offer also special valve designs to work in other directions.